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Track and prioritize threads. Connect email to Slack.

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Never lose the thread of conversation again.

Love Slack threads, but hate getting lost in all the updates? Relax, Threads' got this. It’s your team’s intelligent messaging assistant.

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Prioritize, or snooze. You choose.

Not all threads are equal. Now you can prioritize each one so you know what to tackle first. Overwhelmed? Hit the snooze option. Share your thread priorities with your team to sync your efforts.

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Get sorted.

Go way beyond the default 'All Threads' view. Zero in on what you want fast with Threads' rich thread sorting options. Sort by channel, recent activity, priority (yours or others) and more.

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Thread your email into Slack.

Constantly toggling back and forth between Slack and your email client? Pull your mail into a private channel and reply to emails right from Slack. See related emails with one click. Save time and focus your mind.

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Share email snippets to a new thread.

Are you copy-pasting emails to share with colleagues? Put productivity back in your inbox. Threads starts a new thread for each email snippet or attachment you share, keeping things focused and easily trackable.

Easy to install. Hard to imagine going without.

Install Threads right now to supercharge Slack threads and work happier. Click the install button below (an admin user needs to do the initial install), then follow these steps:

Install step 1

Invite @threads to public channel(s) to track your internal threads.

Install step 2

Use the /threads command to find and prioritize your active Slack threads.

Install step 3

Share or unshare your insectionidual priorities with your team using the /threads priority share or /threads priority unshare commands.

Install step 4

Invite @threads to a new private channel to pull in your email and enable snippet and attatchment sharing with your team.

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